New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey all!

How is everyone?

Long Island is pretty great! The weather has been a little bit warmer but not much. My companion is the worst driver on the planet and actually got really mad at me and the other two missionaries in the car when we tried to prevent him from killing us all by giving him some instruction. Today he was about to blow a red light with full on heavy traffic. I calmly (because last time I said anything I got a guilt trip about making fun of his driving) said, "bro you got a red".
He then locked up the brakes and we didn't die, so that was good. I'm seriously tired of this kids passive aggressive behavior.
I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders this last week. His name is Elder Durney. Great guy from Colorado! He was a super hard worker and definitely didn't mess around at all, he was also a good driver, which was nice. Definitely happy I got to hang out with him for a day to give me an idea of what intense missionary work is like.
I will definitely be pushing myself harder this week! Definitely not trusting my trainer on how hard I should be working from here on out.
Just a little too laid back. But that's okay!
We went through some rich neighborhoods last night. I'm so glad I'm a Spanish speaking missionary. Non-Latinos are jerks. I understand completely if someone doesn't want to talk to us. That's no excuse to be rude a belligerent. This is why love the Spanish speakers here.
Even if a family of Hispanos isn't interested, they will still let us in, give us something to drink, and listen to the brief message that we share for a door approach like that. Many times they will set up a return appointment with us. Overall very genuine, honest people that are very open to the Word of God. My favorite thing that they say is "Nuestras puertas están siempre abiertas a la palabra de Dios!" Love them. Especially the Guatemalans!
I got this picture taken right behind the Holgate's house. The Holgates are from Utah and are the senior missionaries in our district. They are awesome! They take very good care of us.
Tonight we are teaching Daniel and Gustavo Deleon. They are some awesome Chapines(Guatemalans) that we found in the area book as potentials. We have been teaching them for three weeks. They are on track to be baptized sometime in March.
Well, everyone think of me on my birthday this week! I think I'm gonna make myself a cake which will be awesome.

Love you all! Talk to you next week!


Monday, February 16, 2015

¿Como estamos?

Hey all!

Another cold week done here in Riverhead. The missionary work has been crazy good here. We teach lots of lessons and we got two more Guatemalans to commit to baptism. Their names are Daniel and Gustavo.
They have been in the states for ten years and two years. They're really cool and are both super genuine. Hopefully they are able to meet their baptismal date on the 14th of March.

Other than that it has been a pretty slow week. We're not really sure why but the branch president cancelled church yesterday. Kind of frustrating for us as we are trying to get people there. Apparently the weather was bad enough that it would've been dangerous to drive to the building. Didn't stop us from getting out to teach!

 Love you all!