New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thoughts on Father's Day

Tell Dad, Happy Father's Day! Here are some thoughts...

Well having a worthy priesthood leader in my home growing up was something that I definitely took for granted! Being here, there are many families that don't have that. They definitely can get by, but having that advantage is huge.

A Dominican guy gave a fantastic lesson this Sunday. He talked about how his dad was a great guy and how because of that, he's a good dad, and he wants his kids to be even better than he is.

My dad is pretty great! I learned work ethic from him.... Even if it doesn't seem like it.....

All of the memories that I have of amazing family vacations and trips and camping come from his hard work and dedication so that he can pay for things like that. Him being a great bishop is also a huge example to me, I was just thinking about that yesterday.

I'm having major trouble putting my thoughts together right now, but I have unlimited respect for him, and I know I owe him everything!

Love you!

Check out the video, "earthly father, Heavenly Father."