New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

De los Estados Unidos!

Hey everyone!

Great week here in Riverhead!
Exchange calls were made this morning. Everyone in my district is staying except for my mission mom, Acosta. She's mexicana and totally awesome. She's going home/dying. 

Today we had an incredible miracle. We were hanging out at a park near Flanders called big duck park. A lady drove up and got out of her car. She did kind of a double take and asked us if we were Mormon missionaries. We said yes, and then she broke down and started crying. I asked her how we could help and she said that her daughter had broken her shoulder and injured her back really badly and was having a serious struggle with depression and general recovery. She said that fifteen minutes or so previous she had basically hit an emotional wall, put her daughter in the car and started driving, not knowing where she was going. It's incredible that she found us because Flanders is pretty far and we don't go there ever. But we gave her daughter a blessing and said a prayer. I love that as missionaries, people are guided to us so that we can help them in whatever little way we can. Hopefully I will be here when the daughter gets baptized because she has been taking lessons from the missionaries in Hampton bays. 

Guess what!? I got adopted into a Guatemalan family this week! The Deleon family! They are great. We've been teaching part of the family but the other night we had a huge family night with all of them. Apparently the part of the family that we don't teach really liked me because Cecilia told me that they would take me to Guatemala after my mission. She was really persistent in telling me that she wasn't joking, and I took her up on the offer! So here's to a Guatemala trip sometime soon!

Well, this week overall has been great. It's finally warming up here. We started playing fĂștbol here. I love it a lot! Definitely not claiming expert status yet, but soon!

Que vayan con Dios!