New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, August 10, 2015


Well there's lots of news because I haven't written for two weeks!
Last week my companion went home, so I got two new ones! The one in
the picture with me is Elder Neuenschwander. He's a redneck from
Washington. His life before the mission was pretty similar to mine. He
worked for a commercial custom hay outfit. He started his mission in
Mexico, but he got meningitis and a few other nasty things so he got
to take a vacation. He put in his papers again and got sent to the
best place on earth. My other companion is Elder Morrison! He is one
of the missionaries that I came out with. He's from a place in Oregon
right next to Medford. He has been diabetic since he was sixteen when
he had a crazy series of medical problems and also eats more candy
than any other person I have ever met.

I have forgotten to mention this for a long time, but we got a new
mission president a while back. He's great! His name is Gary Reynolds.
He's from Utah(surprise), he owns some huge demolition company and a
few motorcycle dealerships because he likes to ride quite a bit.
Anyways. He's about 5'8", but he did say that there was a taller side
of the Reynolds family so he is probably related to the good ones from
back home!


Manhattan when we went to a Morrison doctor appointment

The nectar of the gods

Mansion McDonalds

We live two minutes from the mission office so we help deliver cars
out to the island occasionally. We decided to make a pit stop at this
interesting place.

A fluing pic in a Manhattan train stop.