New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hey y'all!

How is everyone doing? Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

This last week has been more same old same old. Lot's of progress in the language and a lot more intense boredom. Ready to get out of here!!! 

Well since I have a list of questions to answer this week, I might as well start there:

Do I study of the Spanish scriptures?
Yes. Sure do. It's pretty hard because it is in scriptural language but it is excellent practice for vocabulary and for pronunciation. I'm pretty proud because I'm one of the relatively few missionaries that can understand the jist of what it's saying so that I can do some of my personal scripture study in Spanish. It's one of things I've grown to enjoy and it has definitely helped my Spanish immensely.

What is breakfast like at the MTC?
Breakfast is the same as the other meals. Basically there are 4 different lines. Each line has something different. Then......FREE FOR ALL. MTC food is always 
b.)Charred beyond all reason 
The solutions are: Hot sauce. And more hot sauce.
As we are going into the field soon, we had to go to a in field training meeting about health and sanitation. Basically a guy telling us how to cook, wash our hands, and shower. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. He.................Talked.............Like...........This.........................................Sometimes....................................Slower..................... And you will be happy to know that they have developed a "system for missionaries to purify their own water in their apartments". They call it the......wait for it......."THE Water Purification System". Wow. This bit of revolutionary genius piece of branding brought to you by your friends at the Department of Redundancies Department of Redundancy.
On to the cooking instructions. 
Meat must be cooked to the point that it is the "consistency of a hockey puck". HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. HE SAID IT. WHY. Oh and he also said that if it isn't and you're eating at someones house, to send it back and have them cook it more. HA. How about no?! I don't care if it's raw, I'm not telling someone to cook my meat more. SO RUDE. Anyways, that was super frustrating. I'm sorry to say that if cooking my own food, I'm gonna cook it how I like it, I'm not a fan of hockey puck like steaks.

We mostly play basketball and sometimes we do upper body workouts. Push ups and pull ups and that kind of stuff. Pretty boring. And generally not enough time to actually get stuff done.

P-Day/Laundry day:
We wake up and go to the temple. Then we come back and hang around the rooms until lunch time. After lunch we put on jeans(which is fantastic) and we head to the laundry room. We start our laundry and then come to this computer lab to email! Pretty straight forward. After laundry we have a little time to clean up the rooms and stuff like that.

How many elders to a room?
Right now just me and my comp, which is sweet! Normally four or six to a room though.

More about my companion:
He is Elder Spencer. He's pretty cool. He's from Gilbert AZ. He's a swimmer and a life guard and he worked at Taco Bell. He's pretty cool and only rarely gets on my nerves. He definitely doesn't understand what it means to grow up in the country. But I guess we can forgive him for that.

Does everybody say flippin'?

Favorite meal:
Anything with enough hot sauce on it.

Well this will be my last email for about two weeks because I won't get to next week. (I'll be on a plane) Can't wait to email y'all from the city!