New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Weekly Ry

Hey all!

This week was very hum drum. Meh. Ehhhhh. 

It's kinda funny how this MTC roller coaster works. One week is fantastic and then the next makes you want to jab your eyes out with a fork. We spend nine hours a day sitting in a desk studying Spanish and churchy stuff. I went all day yesterday without speaking English. That was kinda cool. Pretty crazy that in 5 weeks I can communicate pretty much anything I want to say in a brand new language. Sadly, my English skills, which were already questionable, are now debilitating rapidly. I have trouble remembering words in English, especially churchy words.  Oh well. I'm not gonna need English for two years anyways. Sorry if my emails slowly degrade into horrible Spanglish.

Good news! Because I'm came here the week before Christmas I get to spend an EXTRA BONUS WEEK IN THE MTC to wait for transfers in NYC. HOORAYY! I leave here on February 2nd and then hopefully things will get a bit more exciting. I'll have a little more to talk about once I'm actually in the city. At the moment I'm already kind of running out of things to say..... Anyways. Love y'all! Hope everyone is doing well! 

Que tenga un buen dia!

Elder Ry