New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 4 in the CCM

Hey all!

How've you all been? Staying busy? I sure hope so. I can't even imagine not being busy all the time. I can't remember what it's like to relax and be lazy. Oh well! I'll survive. I'm ready to head to NYC. The MTC is not the most fun experience ever but I'm learning Spanish super fast. I found myself unable to remember a word in English the other day. I could only remember the Spanish translation. I guess I'm gonna have to relearn English when I get back. It is super exciting to be able to speak in a new language though. It's kinda like a code. We speak spanish when we're out and about in the MTC so we can share secrets. 

This week my companion and I had an appointment to teach some members. Just as an explanation: missionaries teach about three different sets of people. Investigators, inactive members, and active members. When we walked into our member appointment room we were met by David Archuletta, his Mom Lupe, and his aunt! My companion actually didn't recognize him until after we left and he said, "Was that..." And I said, "Duh". We got to teach and discuss lesson three from Preach my Gospel. It was great! My comp and I were two of four people that got to teach them. David (who served in Chile) said that our spanish was super good especially considering that we've only been out for three and a half weeks. He said we'd be speaking like natives in no time. I feel like I'm basically best friends with him now. Does this mean I have to start listening to his music? I mean..... Some of the songs are alright but.. It's not really my style..

Speaking of speaking (<--heh) like a native. One of the teachers here, Hermano Mace, went to Chile. Concepcion? I think. Anyways..... He can exactly replicate the way a Chileno talks. Mas o menos becomes: maomeno. Apparently they just cut their words in half most of the time. He speaks super good spanish though. I am looking forward to the time that I can speak super fast. I can speak pretty easily at a regular conversational pace, but I'm not quite Puerto Rican. I can understand Hermano Mace when he speaks Chileno for the most part, but when he does the Puerto Rican one, I literally can't get anything. CRAZY FAST. Shoot. The Guatemalan that we teach is super fun to talk to because he talks so slow. He does tend to slur his words together though. Our teaching is progressing like crazy! It's awesome how fast we learn the Spanish that we need for each lesson.

Tonight there is going to be a new MTC president called. Rumor has it that there's gonna be a few apostles here. That would be cool. I'm singing in the choir, which is weird. I don't sing but...... Yolo right? I'll take notes and let ya all know how it is. 

Love y'all!