New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Checking in from the CCM

This week was pretty hum drum. Nothing special that's for sure. It was also fast sunday which was horrible, but I survived somehow. My companion and I have been teaching a Guatemalan named Jose Meza (Mesa, there's no z sound en espanol). We finally had a breakthrough with him!! Before he would kind of just ask us endless questions and try to get us confused and stuff. But we were talking about trials and the reasons we have them when he broke down and started telling us about his life in Guatemala. When he was 7 he started working to help support his family, they barely had enough money for food. When he was 14 or so, he had a falling out with his dad and he left and went out on his own. He lived in extreme poverty, one meal at a time. He loved milk. The first time he was able to afford a glass of milk was when he was 24 years old(he is now in his late 50s and is living in the USA and doing much better for himself. He has a wife and a disabled daughter.) Anyways... We took him to a few scriptures, specifically the 121st section of D&C, he loved it and he committed to be baptized, which is fantastic. Teaching in spanish is pretty crazy. I'm very surprised how well I can already communicate. Also, understanding a fluent spanish speaker has been very easy for me which is pretty weird cause they talk FAST.

I've heard a few things about my mission president: He is the most laid back mission president ever. He lets people go to baseball and soccer games and stuff. My mission doesn't include any of Manhattan but hopefully I'll be able to get over there once or twice. If I don't I am gonna need y'all to come pick me up so we can!! I have to go switch over the laundry so I'll talk to ya later! I'll try and get a letter or two into the mail.