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New York Skyline

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Update From the MTC...Day13 - Dec. 30, 2014

Well, the schedule goes about like this:

6:30: Wake up
7:00: Breakfast
7:30-11:30 Class
11:30-12:15 Lunch
12:30-4:30 StudyBlock
4:30-5:15 Dinner
5:15-8:00 Study
8:25-9:15 Gym
9:30 Shower
10:00 study
10:30 lights out
It's pretty exciting.... Any study block can be turned into class and vice versa. 

My companion is cool! His Name is Elder Spencer. He's from Mesa Arizona. He is a swimmer and he likes physics. He knows the randomest facts ever. I thought that was my job until I met him. Did you know that there is a type of lizard that uses its ribs to inject poison into its attacker when provoked? Me neither. All of the planets can fit in the space in between the earth and the moon but you can't fit one third of the sun! 

Learning Spanish here is kind of a trial by fire. You have to struggle to keep up. My companion is easily one of the best speakers in our zone. I'm definitely not the worst which is good. 

Getting mail and packages is the best thing ever. Getting the pictures from dad of his time in the MTC was seriously the greatest! The dorm rooms HAVEN'T CHANGED. I will replicate some of the pics and get them sent back and email you the ones that I take. The letter from grandpa was awesome. I'm going to save the letter that dad sent me and give it to my sons when they go. I'll get that sent back to y'all too. I have been wearing Dad's name tag today too because it's P-Day.

THE MAIL SONG! YES! Best part of the MTC (or CCM (pronounced say-say-emay) in Espanol). We are working out the Spanish translation. We'll probably finish that up a little later with our left over time from P-Day.

Richard Elliot, the main organist for Motab, did some really cool performance stuff. Super impressive. 

Cleaning the temple was cool. Basically wearing white scrubs and cleaning something that's already perfectly clean.

David Archuletta came and sang and talked with us. He wasn't a very talented speaker. In fact he kinda bumbled around and didn't really say anything. But dang that kid can sing! It was way good. 

Anyways. Can't wait to get out into the mission. I've been hearing things about my mission president. Supposedly he's one of the most chill Mission Presidents ever so maybe I will get to see Star Wars! He lets the missionaries go to Baseball and Basketball games..... Maybe I'll get to go to a Yankies game?! That would be really cool.