New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, March 2, 2015

Long Island!

Hola familia!

This week has been a week of driving. We drove into queens two times (about 2 hrs of travel time) and some other places a couple times. We had a meeting with some high up leaders in the church. They had lots of good things to say. But it's funny how people start to go in circles when you give them two hours each to talk. I personally think they could've rounded the same topics in about half the time but I guess that's why it isn't my job to figure that stuff out!

The first picture is me standing on a foot bridge in Rego Park right next to the main mission office in Queens. Then there's a picture through the chain link looking towards Manhattan. The super tall looking building that you can see in Manhattan is just some apt building. Definitely not the tallest building in the city. Then there's a picture of the the world fair grounds in Flushing. Just a pic from the LIE so it's not super fantastic.

We've still been teaching tons of Guatemalans. The Deleon family, Douglas, and Hector are all progressing. Hector the Colombian, is going to be baptized this week! We are super excited for him. He asked us to contact the missionaries in Queens because he wants them to go with him to teach all his Colombian friends in the city!

We had deer tracks in the snow in our yard this morning. Riverhead is always surprising us in little ways like this. We ran into a bunch of "Riverhead rednecks" this week in Taco Bell. Me and elder Durney were really confused because we both come from places where there are actual rednecks. Riverhead is pretty rural for the island, but there is a grand total of MAYBE 100 acres of farm land here. Posers. I think they knew we were talking about them so they flipped us off and drove away in a brand new challenger. It was super funny. I want to bring them home with me so they can try out the actual farm life.

My birthday was great! I enjoyed everyone's notes and care packages. I got to eat pupusas, an el salvadorainian food that is THE BEST. We also have been eating in members houses more and more. La comida de hispana is the bomb! Seriously love it. I have eaten Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, and El Salvadorainian food this week. I'm getting fat. It's great. I love it!

A quick thing about the branch I'm in! Riverhead branch is very small with very few people actively attending church. There are families assigned here that live in other areas of the island to be leadership in the branch.

We have a very small, very ghetto house that we live in. It was pretty gross when we got there but we cleaned it up quite a bit. I'm the delegated chef and most of the time dish washer as well. It's a party I guess. Hopefully there are some more people that don't mind being clean!

Anyways, I'm having a blast, working hard, and time is just flying by way too fast!

Nos vemos pronto!