New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey y'all!

Hey everyone! 

Great week in Riverhead. Today starts the last week of the transfer. I also had my four month mark this last Friday! Crazy to think I've already been out that long. 1/6th of the way. Definitely makes me want to push harder and work harder. Next Monday I will officially be done training. I will be very very glad to be done with that. I will also find out if I'm leaving Riverhead yet. That's pretty exciting! Elder Purcell, an English speaking missionary here has been telling me some crazy stories about Jamaica Queens. Sounds like the place for me! Definitely one of the more dangerous places here, but it's probably still okay (you're welcome mom). I'm super excited to see more of the city. Just the parts I have seen are crazy. Just a tiny bit different than good ol Boise Idaho. 

This week has been a little disappointing because we got dropped by about five super promising investigators. I guess that's how it goes sometimes! Soccer this week was also kind of a flop. We invited around twenty or so people and one person showed. We played hard none the less! Fútbol is something that I'm getting better at slowly, but I'm enjoying it a lot! 

I. Love. Spanish. Because I'm in the states I didn't really think I would get to learn it as well as other people. Wrong! I think that here in NYC I have an advantage over most missionaries! Por ejemplo: so far today I have talked to four Guatemalans, a Columbian and a Dominican in target! Yesterday I talked to some Hondurans, Ecuadorians, el Salvadorians, a Mexican family, and some Colombians. I get to hear every Spanish dialect there is! And yes they're all very different. I love learning new words and new better ways to say things. In the mtc you learn a lot of Spanish that helps you teach the lessons, but actually talking to people is completely different. I love it! It's great! The best thing ever is when we knock on a door and someone says, "no hablamos ingles." We say, "ah si esta bien por que hablamos español!" 

What's the news with Star Wars seven? I heard there was a new trailer for it. I hope it's good! If the movie ends up being bad, I'm gonna have to have a word with J.J. Abrams. Messing up Star Wars is like insulting a close family member (yes we're all looking at you Jar-Jar).