New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, April 6, 2015

Paranguaracutirimicuaro! <- Spanish tongue twister!


What's going on? How is everyone doing?

Riverhead is doing great. The weather is finally treating us well. We played soccer again this Saturday and it was awesome! We had a great turnout. The De Leon family came as well as Wilbur, a guy from El Salvador! It was a ton of fun. We're doing it again next week! It's a great opportunity we have to build trust and friendships with the people here. Also learning soccer is a challenge I'm really enjoying.
Slowly getting better! I am getting into really good shape here. We also wake up every morning at six and go play soccer just with the missionaries here in the district to practice for playing against the Hispanos! They're all really good. Probably because it's their sport!

General conference was great! Those old guys are all really inspired.
Loved the focus that they had on strengthening families. That's definitely becoming more and more important all the time! I would invite everyone to pick one or two principles that were taught and focus on them as a family. Out here in NYC, people NEED some of the things that were taught this conference. They would have much easier lives if they followed some of the principles of this church. Most people look at the stuff we do as limiting factors, but in reality, they lead to a huge increase of quality of living, as well as more happiness. People here work all day, everyday, and they pretty much never make ends meet. I've never been around a group of more hardworking people, but they need something more! Work and earning money doesn't take care of everything.

This week we hung out with the Arreola family. They are members here in Riverhead. The dad is from Guatemala and the wife is from Honduras.
(She has a gangster accent) They are both incredibly committed to the church here, even though they are struggling to provide for their family. Ana Arreola is on fire! She will do anything to help support this little branch. She always invites us over to eat, and always introduces us to her friends. We love her and her family a lot. Really good people.

I will start trying to do better taking pictures. I will definitely have pictures from Saturday soccer next week, and maybe some other good stuff. I'm already halfway through my second transfer! I'll be done training in a couple weeks. Definitely will be glad to have that behind me. Here's to getting moved to the city next transfer! It's a very high possibility!

Alright I'll talk to y'all later!


Elder Dolor