New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trabajo duro!

Como están?

This week we had a meeting at President Calderwood's home. He is finishing up his time here, so he wanted to do something special to end on a good note. It was just our zone, which is the smallest zone in the mission. Bermuda is in my zone so you can see the islanders being Skyped in. It's also pretty easy to tell who is from Hawaii here!

On Saturday we took the trip into Manhattan to go to the temple! Sadly Hector couldn't come because he had an emergency with his taxi company. He'll go next time though. Manhattan was really cool. The metro was nuts! There are so many people. We talked to a group of people on the train that was headed into Manhattan to go shopping for the day. Every one of them was from a different Spanish speaking country. The diversity here is like nowhere else on the planet. It's great!

Yesterday we had a Memorial Day party! It was super awesome! We played games and ate lots of super good food. John Garcia, one of our investigators, came to hang out for awhile. He loved it! He talked about how he wasn't going to come, then he decided he didn't want to disappoint us so he made the decision to come drop by. We introduced him to lots of people there, and he had a blast! I could see a huge difference in him when he left. Looks like HellzBouncer isn't as tough as he looks!

Well there are two weeks left of this transfer! We're hoping for amazing things to be happening soon. Riverhead is doing great! We are working hard and are starting to see lots of changes in the branch of the church here out on the end of Long Island.

Okidokie! Have a good week!