New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, August 31, 2015

Translados otra vez!

Me, nuenschwander, Melvin, and Morrison!
Well first of all, I'm leaving Rego Park/Corona! I will find out where I'm going tomorrow. I'm all packed up and ready to go wherever they want me to!

This week has been a great finale to the transfer. My companions are both training new missionaries here and I'm leaving. It'll be a new adventure.

This last week we were helping someone move into our boundaries. We were hauling the stuff back and forth in a uhaul truck. We were out super late (for missionaries) and we got a call from the girl missionaries saying that someone had broken into their house and that they were hiding in the second floor of their house. So we all piled into the back of the uhaul and booked it through downtown queens. It felt like we hit every pothole in the city(there are MANY of those).
We rolled up to the house and went through and made sure no one was in there. We didn't find anyone which kinda worried us but we told them to lock their door and give the girl from Mongolia a big knife.

Helped another guy change a tire. Not sure why no one here can figure that out. I've probably helped fifteen people change tires. The jack wasn't tall enough so me and the other hick here did something really ghetto and sketchy and got it done.

Well I'll know where I'm going tomorrow and I'll let y'all know next week!

Oh. Just tried balut. Not bad. Weird. Very weird.



Everything in Queens is chained down...

MOM NOTE: Kylee Jenkins showed me what balut looks like...I recommend not looking that one up. (Apparently it is a delicacy in the Philippines.)