New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #58

[Mom note: This one was a little more personal, but I wanted to include it since it was the most we'd heard from him since being back in the hood.]

We did actually get a lot of snow. I'll try and get some better pictures but I have one that I'll tack onto this email. 

The snacks were a life saver. No special requests, I love all snacks and food. Some Costco snacks like pistachios or choco raisins would be sweet. Do you think you could spot me a little cash here soon? I'm want to take my comp to Buffalo Wild Wings for my birthday. Let me know what you think.
I've been feeling pretty good. Any episodes that I have are spread out and very brief. Some of them feel really weird though. I'm not worried about it though. I'll just deal with it. :) if you've already paid for the meds go ahead and send them. It wouldn't be a bad backup to have. 

My companion is good. He's been pretty sick and I've been pretty sick but we deal with it. We shoveled a ton of snow yesterday. We also helped three people get unstuck. One of them was a guy from queens in a gas dodge pickup with street tires. It had four wheel drive but the tires would slip and the differential would unlock so we basically had to dig him out. It took about three hours to get him down the street to roads that had been cleared out a little. We ended up going home at about midnight. We got about 28 inches of snow. Cars were completely buried. 

We've been working with Tito. He's eleven and ready to be baptized. 

I'll get dad a happy birthday letter written. I got his first letter a few days ago. I think mail has been very very slow. Also don't ship anything that will spoil. Our zone leaders won't pick up packages for us. And we're not allowed to go pick them up ourselves. Tell dad to take care of himself. He needs to tint the glass on his car. Don't even give him the option. In Idaho you can get a prescription and you can even tint the front glass. Elder Neuenschwander (my comp) got burned really bad and he has a prescription for it in Washington. 

That's great that they're skiing. I did crash once but it was into the last gate so I didn't dq. Tell Jeff I love him too. 

Get me Kylee's email, I'd love to write her. 

This week one of the members from Brentwood came to Brooklyn and took us out to Chinese. She's so awesome. Sister Mercado. Her daughters boyfriend just got baptized!!!

Anyone want to visit NYC in the winter? 
Where do they put all of that snow -- in front of your steps
and house. Talk about being barricaded in.
 But at least there is a nice narrow escape plowed!