New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello family!

Well week two back in the Bush here in Brooklyn and I'm alive! Things have been really good here in our area. This week we had a weird thing happened. We were walking on the street and we heard a car accident behind us. We went back to see if everyone was alive and alright. Basically some guy blew through a stop sign at the speed of light and t-boned some random lady. The guy ditched his car and ran
before the cops got there. The lady wasn't wearing her seatbelt but she was really lucky and wasn't messed up except for her wrist was really really broken. When we ran up she was knocked out so we just made sure she stayed calm and didn't move until the cops showed up. The lady's car also had like twenty or thirty rolls of Benjamins rolling around in the back seat. It was also pretty funny the way the cops rolled into the scene of the accident. It was just a bunch of
random guys that ran in all wearing normal clothes. A guy wearing a NY Giants sweater and carrying a Glock took over and we dipped out because we didn't want to get wrapped up in the whole mess on account
of the large amount of cash in that lady's car. Seemed kinda odd.

We ate an extremely large amount of Dominican food yesterday. It was
bomb. We could barely walk ourselves home. That's the best.

My companion got super sick and we were stuck at home quite a bit.
That wasn't the best. Kinda frustrating. This week should be a lot

Overall I'm doing really well and enjoying my time back in this
horrible city! This area is pretty cool but it isn't Queens! I love
you all!!

Keep the faith!