New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, February 15, 2016

From Brick City

Sending this from my gmail because nothing else is working. Love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!

Transfer calls came this morning and I DONT HAVE TO MOVE. YAY! I was prepared for the worst to happen and it didn't. So that's just great.
This last week has been mad brick. This whole city is brick. (A little NYC slang lesson; that means cold. Very cold. When you add the word 'mad' in front of anything it magnifies it.) Windchill Saturday night got down to -25 degrees here. Not lovely out, in other words.
We taught English class. We have a student here that is from Slovakia, but he lived in Spain and taught himself Spanish. So he is learning his third language through his second. Very very smart guy. Very very communist as it turns out, but he's here now so that should change.
We are teaching the Barrionuevo family. They are great. Their kids are insane. Our favorite kid is Tito. He is ten years old and is getting close to baptism! We are all super excited for him and he is more excited than us. I wish his parents had is 1. Intelligence, and 2. His animo(excitedness?).
We've now seen two car accidents! Car came through an intersection hauling cheeks, hit a car, and then got a guy on the sidewalk. A little East New York excitement.
Forgot to mention this earlier and now it's too late but, Go Broncos!! It's about time they got a super bowl. Manning can now rest is peace.

This is Mei Wei! The best and cheapest Chinese takeout in NYC.