New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #59

Wow. Lots going on this week over there!

Not as exciting here. Same old same old. We are beating the zone leaders at their own game (numbers) and the people and members here love us. I went to a lesson with one of the ZLs and he said,"Wow I've never been able to keep their attention that long." Funny how people will pay attention to you if you pay attention to them first. Hooray. Anyways I'm writing some letters tonight and I'll get them mailed tomorrow. If I can find stamps. If not they will all take the trip with dads birthday card. I actually did get that package today. When did you send it? I feel like it took the long way around. Oh well. At least it made it!!!

That is super sad to hear about brother Stewart. He was a very quiet kind man. I don't think very many people realized how sweet he was. He is the definition of pure in heart. He will be saved because of that virtue. 

I love you all! Be on the lookout for letters! I'm finally learning how to pick up a pen. 
I have a song everyone should listen to. Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Check it out! Then just live it! Amen!

Cholo means gangster. Thought this was funny. Also check out those forty dollar boots. Bargain deal.